All businesses are reaching out to the scope of the internet for their marketing and operations. It is easy to dabble in various tools and techniques, but it can soon get messy and ineffective.

I help my clients by deliberately planning out a combination of marketing activities that, when joined together, create a system. By design, the system generates a synergy that gives an outstanding performance.

Effective planning and review keep the process simple.

I advocate for all small businesses and freelancers receiving digital security training to stay safe from cybercrime. I give presentations in person or online, highlighting common mistakes and how to protect your business.

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Latest News

14th March 2022
Passwords are a problem. Do you agree?
Passwords are a problem; we each have so many online accounts, and the passwords slow down our access. Passwords get reused, shared with colleagues, emailed, saved in browsers, and written…...
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14th February 2022
Hacking is easy when businesses have poor security
In my experience, many small business owners find cyber security overwhelming and inconvenient. It can be challenging to know where to start. Cyber security is a hot topic. Unfortunately, we…...
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17th January 2022
Are you looking to start, or improve, your email marketing this year?
Email Marketing is sending product announcements, offers, information, or advice to a mailing list via email. It is a great way to keep in touch and build on your relationship…...
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