Secure your email list

Join me and review your e-mail list security against my 12 point checklist. My workshop offers a practical approach to protecting your mailing list and the privacy of your subscribers.

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Wednesday 10th July, 2 pm

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12 point checklist for assessing the security of your e-mail marketing list

Workshop for small business owners

An asset worth protecting

Review your security against my 12-point checklist provided during the workshop.

Your email mailing list has likely become increasingly critical to your businesses, but what are the security risks? Have these been assessed?

Many businesses I speak to rely on their mailing lists to communicate with prospective clients and market their businesses. Let us not forget the time and effort you have put into growing and nurturing this list, this is an asset worth protecting.

Security prevents digital disasters

Such as…

  • Loss of access to your account, or data, meaning you are unable to email
  • Theft of your customer data leading to misuse
  • A reportable GDPR breach
  • Criminals passing off as you to your list, sending fraudulent links
  • Poor deliverability of emails due to criminal activity affecting your spam reputation
  • Real-life embarrassment and reputation damage
  • Spammer injecting fake (or stolen) email addresses onto your list
  • Being kicked off your email platform due to unlawful activity

All of the above could be avoided after a security review.

12 security factors you need to check

These are simple but significant checks you need to make to secure trouble-free email marketing, which will save you hours of stress and worry in the future.

These security factors are your responsibility, not your mailing list providers. 

During the workshop, I will guide you through assessing the security of your mailing list using this 12-point checklist, so you can close off the risks and feel confident.

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Secure your email list
12 vital checkpoints for small business owners
Online Workshop
Wednesday 10th July, 2 – 3 pm

£25, incl vat
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There will be an opportunity to ask questions, and every attendee will leave with a printable checklist to ensure their mailing list security is in top shape.

The workshop takes place online, a replay will be available for 14 days.

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One Hour Consultations

Draw on my expertise to help you progress with your cyber security or marketing technology.

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Client Feedback

"Penny has been amazing helping me get my online security sorted. I knew I was burying my head in the sand, but I didn't know where to start. She metaphorically held my hand the whole way through, and is still there for tech support when needed, in it's various forms. Thanks Penny!"

Sue Palmer, The Horse Physio

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