Can I help you with cyber security?

As a small business owner, you are responsible for the security of your business technology and customer data.

I’m here to help you establish the basics of your cyber security through training and checklists. If you are unsure where to start and are worried about the effects of cyber crime, then read on.

for small business owners

£15,300 is the average cost of cybercrime for a small business

Source: Cyber security breaches survey 2023

What actually happens?

Cybercriminals use various tools and techniques to commit fraud, obtain data (that they can sell), or take over your device, account, or other asset for their own exploits.

Cybercrime can lead to

  • the loss of data you rely on
  • the theft of your customer details
  • vital systems going offline
  • feelings of stress and panic
  • being unable to trade
  • knock-on effects for your customers
  • reputation damage and embarrassment
  • financial loss (£15, 300 average)

Investing time to learn about cyber security and implementing security is the only way to improve your resilience.

Protect your business

I have written a cyber security framework that lists and explains all the universal tasks a solo business owner needs to implement to protect their business.

This includes password strategies, a simplified 2FA plan, fraud awareness, device security, incident planning, etc.

Designed to keep you agile and working productively, the framework is zero-faff and high on time-saving, secure solutions.

One-to-one support

I offer bespoke 1:1 cyber security support for solepreneurs and small businesses.

We could cover

  • Understanding phishing and how to avoid it
  • Managing access to your online accounts
  • Learning how to secure your device and software
  • Setting up a disaster plan
  • and more

My support is available online via Zoom; however, if you are local to Stafford (15 miles from ST18), we can work together in person.

Penny talking to a client during a one to one meeting

The cost is £1250 (incl VAT) for six two-hour sessions.

or £114 (incl VAT) for a one-hour consult.

Contact me to book

Staff Training

With content tailored to your needs, training sessions are available in person for businesses in the Stafford area. Contact me to book

Cyber Security Checklist

A do-it-yourself security guide.

The Checklist, based on my security framework, is designed to help solopreneurs implement security in their businesses. Each step is divided into small tasks with how-to guides. When each task is completed, you can check it off.

  • Evaluate your existing security
  • Highlight what needs to be done
  • Follow how-to- guides to complete tasks

The checklist covers

  • How to secure your devices
  • Fast and secure access to your online accounts
  • Understanding phishing and how to stay safe
  • Set up a disaster plan for fast recovery

Made for business owners who are working alone or with a small team.

The Checklist will be available in September.

Cyber Security Checklist


for small business owners

Join me for an entry-level, hour-long workshop to learn about cyber security topics and how you can apply them in your business.
They will take place on Zoom, and a recording will be available for 14 days. Spaces are limited.

Secure your email list

Wednesday 10th July 2pm
Learn how to protect your mailing list from the risks of unauthorised access and more.

£25 incl vat 

Book your space

Secure your Socials

Wednesday 14th August, 2pm
Learn how to secure and protect your social media accounts.

£25 incl vat 

coming soon

Cyber Security for non-techies

Wednesday 14th August, 2pm
A practical introduction to Cyber Security for solo business owners.

£25 incl vat 

Coming Soon

One Hour Consultations

Draw on my expertise to help you progress with your cyber security or marketing technology.

A one-hour online session costs £114 (incl VAT)

Book a call

Client Feedback

"Penny has been amazing helping me get my online security sorted. I knew I was burying my head in the sand, but I didn't know where to start. She metaphorically held my hand the whole way through, and is still there for tech support when needed, in it's various forms. Thanks Penny!"

Sue Palmer, The Horse Physio

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