Online Consultations

Draw on my expertise to help you solve a marketing or digital problem so you can move forward.

This is for any freelancer or micro business owner who would like support. This could be to discuss a problem, gain an understanding, or to get help figuring out any aspect of cyber security, business technology & marketing.

Online consultations can also be great if you are looking for direction and accountability for those tech & digital marketing jobs you know you need to get done.

What is included?

✔  One-hour with me on Zoom

✔  Recording of session

✔  Notes and follow-up resources discussed during the consultation, sent via email

We can cover topics like:

  • Marketing
  • Implementing cybersecurity
  • Finding digital solutions/products to suit you
  • How to use technology to free up your time
  • Reviewing your digital marketing campaigns
  • Managing your website, email and domain name issues
  • And more!

How to book

Sessions take place on a one-to-one Zoom call with me, Penny Gamble.

You may book as many calls as you need and schedule them at your convenience within the hours below:
Tuesday 10am-3pm and Thursday 10am-5pm

You’re welcome to request a free 15-minute call with me before you book an hour-long session. Please contact me to arrange.


How much does it cost?

A one-hour session is £95 + VAT
(£114 including VAT)

or contact me if you have questions.

Penny Gamble photo

Terms & Conditions

All sessions are up to 1 hour long.

The cost shown is for one participant; this is a 1:1 conversation

You can cancel your appointment at no cost up to 12 hours before the scheduled time.

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