Passwords are a problem. Do you agree?

Published on: 14th March 2022

Passwords are a problem; we each have so many online accounts, and the passwords slow down our access.

Passwords get reused, shared with colleagues, emailed, saved in browsers, and written on post-it notes. Why? Because we need speed and convenience, and neither usually go hand in hand with passwords.

Read on for my password top tips…

Now kudos to you if you read my introduction and it didn’t resonate. You are likely either abstaining from tech or discovered password manager software. The latter we’ll talk more about in a moment.

These passwords are the keys to your life. I don’t intend that to be melodramatic; your cyber security really does protect critical aspects of your life; your banking, business, socialising, shopping and more.

Contrary to popular opinion, though, it is possible to have secure passwords and convenience.

To help you get on top of your online password security, here are my top five tips

  1. Decide how you are going to manage them
    Password manager software provides a secure vault for all of your passwords, which is handy. However, the best feature is that the passwords are auto entered into the web page as you need them giving you super quick access to your accounts.
  2. Long passwords are more secure
    A 5 character password takes automated software a fraction of a second to conquer, whereas a password of 15 characters takes upwards of three months to break in.
  3. A password must be unique to that account
    A password should be unique, this means that the password is not reused anywhere else on any other accounts. I know it is tempting..
  4. Random
    A password should be random. This is a request for your passwords not to represent you.. so no pet names, birth dates, postcodes, phone numbers, etc.
  5. Kept private
    You should avoid giving your passwords out to others. Many services now have provision for each user to have their own account; this is preferable to sharing your details.

I hope these tips help focus your mind on your password security. Let me know what you think and if you implemented any of these tips.

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