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No more slow and frustrating waits for 2FA codes please!

Published on: 31st May 2024

Wouldn’t it be good if the security of your online accounts could be effective, quick and (almost) effortless for you?

❌ No more slow codes by email

❌ No more frustrating text message codes

❌ No more struggling to share accounts with colleagues

❌ No more getting locked out of accounts by your own 2FA

The solution is to consciously configure 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) for speed and efficiency. If you are using 2FA on a handful of accounts and you set it up ‘on the fly’ then I am here to help you speed up your access and solve your frustrations.

Did you know that if you lose your means of generating or receiving your one-time passcode, you could lose access to your account? Hence, it is essential to have a backup method.

2FA is a critical second step of authentication and is effective at keeping unauthorised users out of your account. Here is how it works: after you have entered your password, a one-time code to which only you have access has to be entered to access your account.

If all of your online accounts follow the same pre-decided approach to 2FA, it will be easier for you to be secure. Making decisions in advance helps to remove the friction, making it easier to be organised and efficient.

There are three things you need to decide:

  • How will you generate or receive your one-time codes?
  • How will you back this up?
  • How can we make this easier?

With these decisions, you will know the process whenever you need to set up or use a 2FA code in your business. You’ll spend less time thinking and more doing, allowing you to be more efficient and productive.

I want to help you use 2FA efficiently. I am hosting an online workshop on Wednesday, 12th June, at 2 pm to show you how. Want to come?

The workshop is called 2FA Simplified, and it is for you if you are a small business owner, particularly freelancers and solopreneurs.

You can enrol by going to Online Workshop – 2FA Simplified.

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Client Feedback

"Penny has been amazing helping me get my online security sorted. I knew I was burying my head in the sand, but I didn't know where to start. She metaphorically held my hand the whole way through, and is still there for tech support when needed, in it's various forms. Thanks Penny!"

Sue Palmer, The Horse Physio

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