Reviewing passwords

I have reviewed my online accounts this week to make sure I have the best possible security in place. This is something I do on a regular basis. In many…... Read more

We need our digital services to work

This week, after Boris’ lockdown announcement, every school in the country had cause to communicate with their pupils' parents, putting huge demand on the digital platforms they use. What followed…... Read more

SSL Certificates

What are they & does your website need one? SSL Certification provides online security for the data you transfer on your website, the certificate itself also provides end users with…... Read more

Carbon Neutral Web Hosting

Climate change is one of the most critical issues facing the world so it’s important for companies to demonstrate a responsible reputation. Stafford Web is proud to be working with…... Read more

Wool@J13 launches with their new website and branding

Are you into all things Woolly, such as knitting, spinning, felt making? There is a great new Wool Show coming to Stafford on 13th & 14th May next year. If…... Read more

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