New Zoom Filters

No time to apply new lipstick? Always fancied some designer stubble? Zoom has come to your aid! Called Studio Effects, and still in the beta testing stage, there is a…... Read more

Data Privacy Day

Yesterday was Data Privacy Day which is an international effort to empower individuals and encourage businesses to respect privacy, safeguard data and enable trust. It serves as an opportunity to…... Read more

Digital Security

I attended a digital security seminar this week specifically looking at how we keep websites secure.  Cyber Crime is on the rise, it is very main stream, but what is…... Read more

Making plans got put on ice last week

Making plans got put on ice last week, while the nations priorities adjusted. Feels like a long time ago doesn't it. Consequently this week I have been busy working with…... Read more

Live customer services on your website

Apps such as Messenger and Whatsapp can be added to your website to enable customers to start an instant conversation with you; ask questions and get quick answers. What’s more…... Read more

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