New Zoom Filters

No time to apply new lipstick? Always fancied some designer stubble? Zoom has come to your aid!

Called Studio Effects, and still in the beta testing stage, there is a range of enhancements available which can be found in the Background and Filters section of your Zoom settings.

There are some subtle colour filters which help to balance out the brightness, or darkness, of your surroundings too. These are worth exploring as you perfect your video conference look.

The golden rule, filters on or off, is to make sure you are front lit and that your camera is eye height. Prop your laptop up if you need to.

With the visuals perfected it is worth noting that you can improve the clarity of your voice using headphones. Headphone usage will also prevent the rather distracting echo effect of feedback which can sometimes happen when the computer microphone replays what the speakers broadcast.

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