Making plans got put on ice last week

Making plans got put on ice last week, while the nations priorities adjusted. Feels like a long time ago doesn’t it. Consequently this week I have been busy working with some of my marketing support clients to plan their year ahead.

I am asking the same questions that I did twelve months ago but the answers have near-all-changed. Not only has society undergone a systemic change, but we also have a wealth of new marketing techniques available to us.

It is quite overwhelming isn’t it. We have to move with, and embrace, the changes yet select our tools and techniques carefully. It defiantly helps to have a marketing plan and stay focused, in deed without one we are simply floating a drift. It has been so interesting to take each planning session back to the initial goals and to explore changes to customers’ needs. Myself and the other members of the marketing teams, will next explore how we are going to do it; deciding on the appropriate techniques and tools.

What has changed in your industry?

Have your customer profiles changed?

Have your competitors adopted a different approach?

I’d love to hear from you with any updates.

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