Has the humble enquiry form had its day?

They were once the must have feature on every website, but I am increasingly driven to thinking that they cause more problems than their worth affords. If you have a form on your website please check it regularly.

The main problem is that there is no way of knowing, without checking, that it isn’t working. They attract spam, which is a rant for another day, then rely on your email system deliver the enquiries. Your email system, on the other hand, is designed to intelligently weed out spam, and can, as a consequence, learn to block your enquiry form submissions.

We do of course put spam control measures on your enquiry forms, and we can up-the-ante with highly visible spam control measures but this merely becomes a Mensa style test for your customers before they can message you.

So I am calling for an unceremonious ditching of enquiry forms!
In their place I recommend a chat service such as Live Chat so you can start a real time conversation with your customers. If you are not available, and we can’t be all the time, it will serve as a secure messaging service.

If you are groaning at the thought of yet another messaging service, then the good news is you can manage your WhatsApp and Messenger conversations on Live Chat too.

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