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Published on: 17th January 2022
5 Top Tips for Email Marketing

Email Marketing is sending product announcements, offers, information, or advice to a mailing list via email.

It is a great way to keep in touch and build on your relationship with your customers. However, the emails need to be read by your recipients to be of value.

Encourage the habit of email opening with my five top tips

There are likely mailing-list emails in your inbox that you always read, and some which get deleted immediately. Is that right?

We likely will open the emails that

  • Interest us
  • Offer us something of value
  • Are from companies we know, like and trust

It is an instant decision for readers; if the last email was good, they usually open the next one without thinking.

But once we stop opening a company’s emails, we habitually delete them every single time. Very little thought goes into it; we pass it over and hit delete. Have you noticed yourself doing this?

From this, I take two important points

  1. I need to stay in your good books
  2. EVERY email you send impacts the next one

If you plan to send a series of marketing emails, here are my five top tips to get your emails opened every time.

  1. Design your subject to encourage further reading
    Try to demonstrate real value. Time sensitivity can be used, but avoid faux urgency
  2. Use the Rule of One; One purpose, One call to action.
    This rule will help avoid overwhelmed readers, which triggers avoidance and indecision. Multiple calls to action require choice, and if readers can’t decide, they’ll choose none
  3. Is your message relevant to that specific reader?
    You can segment your email list to target your audience with the right messages.
  4. Pick a time of day and day of the week that you will always send your emails. This routine will help build an expectation and habit of opening. It doesn’t matter if this is every day, every week, or monthly.
  5. Do more of what works well and less of what doesn’t
    You can gauge the popularity of each email using the open and click rates supplied by your email software. Replies, purchases, and unsubscribes will also indicate your audience’s likes and dislikes.

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