Digital Strategy

“Beginning with the end in mind”

Strategy is the first vital step for any business embarking on digital processes of any kind.
Yes, even your business.

Strategy Comes First

I want to understand your business’s purpose, goals and values. Where you want to go, and what problems do you need solving.

It goes without saying that a sound understanding of your business’ offering is needed by myself, and to understand the solution you offer your clients. We will explore your customers; what they need and what. Who are they, where are they, what are their nuisances and expectations? I’ll look at any past data or customer feedback if it is available.

We’ll talk through these points together, discuss and explore. I really like this part, and many people tell me it is enlightening to see the results written down.


You don’t need to do all the things.

I will apply the right techniques and do them really well.

The biggest mistake I see businesses make is grappling at all the things, and therefore not completing anything effectively. The other one is overwhelm by all the things and then nothing is put in place.


Systems generate synergy

With the knowledge learnt, I will identify the right approach for your business and plan how this will develop over time. I will look to design a system to nurture your existing clients as well as attracting new ones.

Together we will agree on which metrics to measure based on our goals.


Price and Engagement

We currently only undertake this work for existing clients.

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