Digital Security


By adopting a culture of Digital Security in your small business, you will be safer from online crime.

Like it or not, you are a target for online criminals

It’s not personal, they’re targeting all small businesses on mass. If they hit 2000 small businesses for £500, the thieves have earned their million. It is worth their while.

I provide digital security training for small businesses either at your premises or online via Zoom.

Digital security training for small businesses

We cover

  • The role of people
  • Your passwords
  • Your technology
  • Being prepared for an incident

During the sessions, I detail tools and techniques to help you stay cyber alert and a process to help you get on top of your passwords.

Cost & Delivery

The training is delivered over three sessions, each an hour long.
In-person £725
Via Zoom £650

Contact me to arrange

Payable in advance. The price shown is for up to five participants. 
In-person training carries a geographical limit of 35 miles from the centre of Stafford
The price shown excludes VAT


Foundation level training

The training is foundation level and does not require technical ability besides emailing/web browsing.


Suitable for small businesses

While the principles of digital security are the same for all, my training is levelled at micro-small businesses that are owner managed. You’ll have a small number of standalone computers in your business that are not networked.


Are you looking for a guest speaker for a business group?

I offer a one-hour cyber security talk, including my top tips for staying safe online, ideal for business groups looking for a guest speaker. Email me at [email protected] to arrange it.


Pre-recorded online training is also available.

Stafford Web ltd also trades as Confident Digital; under this brand, I provide pre-recorded digital security training for freelancers and micro-small businesses. You can find out more at

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