Digital Assets

“Digital assets are the key to income now.“

Having completed a Digital Strategy with you I will next support you in an audit of the digital assets you already hold and establish what you need going forward.

Within the audit we will look at the legalities and ownership of your assets to make sure they are all owned by either yourself or your business. For example, a Facebook page is owned by the person who first set it up – was that yourself? Are your Domain Name’s registered details up-to-date?

When we are finished you will have an up-to-date register, and a bursting tool kit, of digital assets. Hurrah!

Marketing Systems and your Website are also classed as Digital Assets. What’s more, they add significantly to the financial value of your business. For this exercise though, these assets follow on later.

This could include


Your logo
Brand Colours
Photos of your products, service and people
Graphics that explain how things work
Videos for promotion and explanation
Written copy – or bullet points to represent the key facts
Domain name
Email addresses
Email signature
Mailing list
Contact details; Telephone, whatsapp number
Social accounts, addresses and access to.
Advert accounts
Google cloud
Privacy Policy & GDPR documentation
Website terms of use
Terms and conditions
Password security and platform for sharing

Price and Engagement

We currently only undertake this work for existing clients.
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