Cyber security scares you because…

Published on: 15th May 2024
why cyber security scares you

Many fears pop up when I’m talking about cyber security to freelancers and solopreneurs.

Fear of the unknown
Cyber security is a topic rarely spoken of in freelance and solopreneur circles. There aren’t many workshops or articles on the subject, so you may not know what good security looks like.

Fear of changing habits
It is usual to fear changing habits you have held for a long time. Learning something new and applying it requires more energy than staying the same.
This fear is especially true if you expect it to be complex and the process is unknown.

Meanwhile, cyber incidents are affecting small businesses.
All of this together can feel so overwhelming that you freeze and do nothing.

What if there was another way?
I pledge to do my best to model good cybersecurity practices via this blog. I will explain how cyber security works and how to reduce your risks.
My advice is practical and geared to the needs of freelancers and solopreneurs, where productivity is paramount. I’ll show you what good security looks like and help you apply the required steps in your business.

I’m here to help you.
If you are ready to take action and secure your business tech, I provide 1:1 support. You can act now and book a free 15-minute chat with me at

Thereon 1-hour support sessions are available for £114 (incl VAT)


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