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Stafford Web Ltd Director: Penny Gamble, Registered in England & Wales, Company number: 05734021. Vat registered.

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Penny's Tech Musings

9th February 2024
Phishing link first aid: what to do when you accidentally click on a dodgy link.
Phishing emails are becoming increasingly sophisticated and can be personalised to make them feel relevant, making you more likely to open them. Deciphering real emails from fake ones is getting…...
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25th January 2024
Preparing for Email Authentication Changes: A Step-by-Step Guide
We can all agree that spam is harmful and annoying, right? Mailbox providers are tightening their authentication to help them ditch spam and keep your inboxes clear and relevant. However,…...
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7th December 2023
Don’t Get Hacked: Password Strategies for Freelance Business Owners
From digital diaries to banking, we use passwords daily because valuable aspects of our business now lie behind password protection. Consequently, hackers channel their efforts into bypassing these passwords to…...
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