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Stafford Web Ltd Director: Penny Gamble, Registered in England & Wales, Company number: 05734021. Vat registered.

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Penny's Security Blog

15th May 2024
Cyber security scares you because…
Many fears pop up when I'm talking about cyber security to freelancers and solopreneurs. Fear of the unknown Cyber security is a topic rarely spoken of in freelance and solopreneur…...
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9th May 2024
Why you should use strong passwords
Let’s talk about strong passwords. A strong password is long, random, and unique to the site it is used on. The long, random, and unique attributes can be a problem…...
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30th April 2024
5 Security warnings you should not ignore
Respond, ignore, do later, delete… how you respond to security notifications will likely be a well-ingrained habit. Here are five security notifications you should not ignore. ⚠️ Reused password notification…...
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