Client Nurturing

“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.”

I develop client nurturing systems that save you time and earn you money.

Adding value to your service, after the first sale, will help keep a customer as a long term advocate of your brand.

To achieve this I will instigate a routine that suits the needs of your customers, then develop a plan to intelligently anticipate their needs so we can reach them where they are at. Of the many tools and techniques I can build into your system, none require a ‘hard re-sell’. Instead I will build a long lasting rapport.

Nurtured clients are a great source of feedback and knowledge for your business too. I will ensure these valuable insights are harvested and that all clients are listened to.

Simple, well thought out nurture systems

With clarity and a well-researched plan we reach out to your customers in a coordinated fashion and add value to your service.

  • Developing your client database, looking at how we store and use information
  • Welcoming new clients with an automated sequence of emails
  • Surveys that give useful insights
  • Regular client focused communications on social media
  • Emails that get opened
  • Targeted social media advertising – speaking to them as an existing customer
  • Website content aimed at the existing client and/or a login area


Why a system?

Combining select digital tools together into a system that shares data and works in conjunction with one another will generate synergy. Thus giving you greater performance than the same tools applied independently.

For example, collecting data on your website and using it to target your social advertising; sending a survey to your clients and using it to segment your audience for better targeting; generating content and adapting it to use across different mediums. 


Free up your time to focus on other areas of your business

I provide the time and expertise to make this happen and keep the routine in place.

You get the best talent working on your nurture system.
I am supported by a small team of UK based specialists; including a technical developer, social media expert, graphic designer and copywriter.


Price and engagement

The planning process & digital asset review are required prior
Prices range from £400 to £2500/month depending on your needs.

We currently only undertake work for existing clients.
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All prices exclude VAT and are as a guide only and do not represent an offer.

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