Are Your Emails Hitting the Inbox?

Published on: 9th November 2023
picture of a computer with two hands typing. there is a graphic of an envelope over the top to suggest an email being sent.

I have prepared some helpful tips on improving your email deliverability this week, as it is a topic I have been asked about recently.

Email deliverability refers to the likelihood that your emails will arrive successfully in your recipients’ inboxes rather than being blocked by spam filters or other obstacles.

Your domain name and the IP address you are using to send your emails acquire a reputation, and you need to nurture this the best you can to ensure your messages reach your intended recipients.

Most of the points below apply to sending email marketing campaigns, if you were having delivery problems with your personal email instead, I would check out point one.

Here are some best practices for email deliverability:

1. Authenticate your domain name. Email authentication conveys to your recipient’s server that the email is from a verified and legitimate domain, not a fraudster. If the email handlers can not authenticate you, your email will not reach many recipients.
You authenticate your domain name by setting up SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records in your Domain Name System settings. For specifics on these settings, head to your email provider.

2. You can nurture your domain name reputation by doing the following

a. Use double opt-in to confirm your recipients want to receive your emails
b. Send your audience emails they want to receive so they are opened and interacted with, as this sends a strong message to the email service providers
c. Avoid spammy words in your emails
d. Avoid including attachments in your email
e. Make it easy for those no longer interested to unsubscribe

3. Clean your lists regularly of email addresses that are no longer in use or are not engaging.

4. You should regularly check your email sender reputation and blacklist monitors using services such as

5. You should use a reputable email platform for sending out your marketing emails, as they will nurture their IP addresses to ensure the reputation is maintained. Your emails will be sent out using these IP addresses, so the better care they take of their reputation the better.  Note: you can purchase your own IP address, they take a lot of ‘warming up’ to get a solid reputation, so are suited to large-volume senders.

I aim to keep up-to-date on changes in email sending laws, ISP behaviour, and spam filter technology so I can best advise you and stay one step ahead when working on your business emails.

If you are in need of a freelance technology & marketing specialist then I am available for work. I love helping small businesses use digital technology to organise, grow and secure their operations. If you have any questions about email deliverability for your small business, you can contact me here.

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