Hello, I’m Penny Gamble.


I design digital systems that solve marketing problems and boost online visibility.
Digital marketing systems present huge opportunities to small businesses, I am here to make this work for you.


My key skills are building engaging business websites and reaching audiences through digital marketing.

Every business can benefit from a strategy. A strategy that considers and plans out the deployment of digital tools in their business. How this is done will depend on the goals of the business, the industry they are in and the needs of their clients. The strategy will keep everyone focused and on track.
The biggest mistake I see businesses make is grappling at all the things, and therefore not completing anything effectively. The other one is being overwhelmed by all the things and then nothing is put in place.

Together with my team, I provide the time and expertise to put these selected tools and techniques in place. I work closely with client base providing support and training as required. The end result? Digital assets and effective systems that make my clients money and free up their time.

Not all clients are looking for all services and that’s okay. For some, we solely manage their website or their Facebook / Google advertising.

I established my business in 2003 as Stafford Website Company. As the internet has evolved so has my business. My education in the late 90’s focused on Business Studies and IT which I took through the levels, completing an MSc in Ecommerce Management in 2001.

Fear of tech and lack of confidence holds many businesses back from achieving their goals. Coaching businesses to use their technology safely, to have a plan, and to keep their tech tidy, is my other passion. I have set up a course to support business owners through this, so they gain knowledge and confidence. I have a separate website to promote this training which will be published here soon.

The majority of my clients remember the fax machine, dial-up internet and the days when invoices were sent in the post. It wasn’t that long ago! I enjoy working closely with a variety of business types and have experience in retail, rural, industrial and tourism sectors.



I believe in
Starting with the end goal
I don’t do
Jumping in blind
I love to
Be organised
Digital habits
Switching off notifications

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