Hello, I’m Penny Gamble.


I design digital systems that solve marketing problems and boost online visibility.
Digital marketing systems present considerable opportunities to small businesses; I am here to make this work for you.


My expertise lies in building engaging business websites and reaching audiences through digital marketing.

There are two mistakes I see businesses make; one is doing all the things and not completing anything; the other is being so overwhelmed by the options that nothing is put in place.

A strategy that considers and maps out the deployment of digital tools is an asset to all businesses. The process would consider the businesses’ goals, their industry, and their clients’ needs. The resulting strategy keeps everyone focused and on track.

With the help of my team, I also provide the time and expertise to put the strategies in place. I work closely with my clients to ensure they have secure digital assets and effective systems in place, systems that will make them money and free up their time.

Not all clients are looking for all services. We solely manage the website for some; for others, just their social media advertising.

As the internet has evolved, so has my business. Established in 2003 I started out known as Stafford Website Company. As times changed and my focus shifted more towards digital business as a whole, the name shortened.

Fear of tech and lack of confidence holds many businesses back from achieving their goals. Coaching businesses to use their technology safely, have a plan, and keep their tech tidy is my other passion.

I have set up a course to support business owners with their digital security, which can be found at www.confidentdigital.uk

The majority of my clients remember the fax machine. It wasn’t that long ago, to be fair. I enjoy working closely with various business types and have experience in retail, rural, industrial and tourism sectors.


I believe in
Having purpose
I don’t do
my own stunts
I love to
Be outdoors
Digital habits
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