5 Security warnings you should not ignore

Published on: 30th April 2024

Respond, ignore, do later, delete… how you respond to security notifications will likely be a well-ingrained habit. Here are five security notifications you should not ignore.

⚠️ Reused password notification
Each digital account will benefit from having a unique password. Otherwise, if one of your accounts is breached, your security could fall like a house of cards.
Manage your unique passwords with a password manager.

⚠️ Software update required
These updates are essential and close off the entrances that hackers use to access your systems. Run your updates and restart your computer as soon as you receive the notification.

⚠️ You’ve logged in from a new location
If this wasn’t you, then someone has just entered your account. Go log in, update your password and review your security settings. If this password is used elsewhere, you must also update it there.

⚠️ Virus warning
If your software alerts you to a possible virus risk, take it as accurate and do not open the webpage, PDF, or document. If it finds a virus on your device, your software will quarantine the file.

⚠️ Being notified of a supplier’s security breach
Go change your password and be aware of the details the hackers may have obtained. Be alert for phishing scams that use these details.

The great thing about knowing your digital assets are well-protected is that you can now focus on your work and achieve more.

If you want to understand cyber security further and minimise your business’s risks then get in touch and book in a 1:1 session with me.


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