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2FA is the best way to secure online accounts, but it is a nuisance! (Or is it?)

Published on: 6th June 2024

When marketing is done without a plan, the outcome is ineffective and messy. Your security is no different.

Hackers want to access your accounts. If they succeed, it will be an emergency that demands your time and focus, regardless of your plans.

How do we prevent this from happening?

If I had my way, you would turn two-factor authentication (2FA) on for all your online accounts, as this is the best way to secure your accounts.

Implementing this would require an investment of your time, but it would at least be time spent on your terms.

However, you may hesitate because, for many, 2FA is a nuisance.

We often set 2FA up on the fly with very little pre-thought, which is why so many people get in a muddle with it. Without a clear plan, is it any wonder that the outcome is ineffective and messy?

For this reason, I advocate that you make a plan and decide how you will use 2FA in your business. This would include what method you use and how you will back it up.

I am running a workshop next Wednesday to support you with these decisions and I would love for you to be there.

It will take one hour and is a beginner’s guide. For details and online booking head to:

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A one-hour online session costs £114 (incl VAT)

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Client Feedback

"Penny has been amazing helping me get my online security sorted. I knew I was burying my head in the sand, but I didn't know where to start. She metaphorically held my hand the whole way through, and is still there for tech support when needed, in it's various forms. Thanks Penny!"

Sue Palmer, The Horse Physio

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